'a forgotten treasure that many drive past, but never drive into to unlock the secrets'



The Town

Alcantarilha is a town that for many years we have driven past on the N125 which use to the main road to get to the West of the Algarve.  We took the advice of many who live in the area and visited this charming town.  Alcantarilha became a town in 1999 when its official population reached 3000 people.  Alcantarilha is soaked in history.

There are three important church buildings in the town: Misericordia (Mercy) Church, Our Lady of Carmo Chapel and the Parish Church, Our Lady “da Conceição” (16th Century) is famous for its rare 'Capela dos Ossos' (Chapel of Bones) an interesting yet maybe disturbing display of human skulls and bones sealed into the walls of the chapel.


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