The following page is a quick reference overview of the properties on our website. If you require something which you can not see here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All properties have swimming pools except where stated in their descriptions.  All Villas have their own swimming pools 

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Near Beach
2 - 3 Bedrooms
4 Bedrooms
5 Bedrooms
6+ Bedrooms

a/c = air conditioning, h/p= heated swimming pool, g/p = pools can be gated from terrace or house, t/c - tennis court


Location Sleeps Notes
Near Beach
Casa Borboleta, 14 MD Carvoeiro 2-5 a/c, t/c

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  3 Bedrooms  
Casa Altojo Carvoeiro 2-6 a/c
Casa Birgitta Carvoeiro 2-7 g/p
Casa Caravela Central Carvoeiro 2-6 a/c, h/p
Casa Mareceu Central Carvoeiro 2-6 a/c
Casa Pacata Carvoeiro 2-6 a/c. g/p
Casa de Verăo Carvoeiro 2-6 a/c. h/p, g/p
Vivenda da Fonte Carvoeiro 2-6 a/c. h/p
  4 Bedrooms  
60 Quinta do Paraiso Carvoeiro 2-8 a/c
Casa Comprida Carvoeiro 2-8 a/c, h/p
Casa Filarte Carvoeiro 2-8 g/p, a/c
Casa Estrela Mar Sesmarias, Carvoeiro 2-8 h/p, a/c
Casa Rostra Carvoeiro 2-8 a/c
Casa Vista Mar  Carvoeiro 2-8 h/p, a/c
  5 Bedrooms  
Casa Alegria Carvoeiro 2-10 h/p
Casa as Videiras Carvoeiro 2-10 a/c, h/p, t/c
  6+ Bedrooms  
Villa Mediterrăneo Carvoeiro 2-12 a/c, h/p
Casa Mill Reef Carvoeiro 2-13 a/c, h/p
Casa Mouraria Carvoeiro 2-14 h/p